This weekend in Germany plus urgent message to Sweden from

Wow. This weekend over 6,000 people formed a 7.5km-long human chain against coal extraction in Germany.  The Rhineland lignite open-pit mines are the largest source of CO2 in Europe.

Like you and me, these 6000 people understand that to secure a stable climate and just transition to 100% renewable energy, we have to start keeping fossil fuels in the ground — starting with the dirtiest fuels like lignite coal.

Yet we’ve learnt that Sweden’s national energy company, Vattenfall, plans to sell off its huge German coal operations to the highest bidder over the summer – they contain over a billion tonnes of CO2 that will be burnt if it’s sold.

HELP US STOP THE SALE —   Tell Sweden to lead the way by keeping Vattenfall’s coal reserves in the ground:  

An overwhelming majority of Swedes believe their government should halt the sale and instead set an example for other nations by transitioning Vattenfall into a sustainable, renewable energy company.

The campaigning group has teamed up with Greenpeace Sweden to help raise voices from all across Europe in opposition to the sale.

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