Is there any point? Please add your thoughts below….

This is a personal appeal for your help. We are planning to show a well-made 2014 fifty minute documentary DISRUPTION in June – on Tuesday 23rd at 7.30pm at Marriott’s Warehouse. The Community Cinema Club will advertise it but my experience is that people – especially new people – will only come if they receive personal invitations. I will send out flyers for it in the next couple of weeks. We have an hour’s planning meeting at 8pm this coming Monday (11.05.15) at The Friends Meeting House, Bridge Street and on June 17th there is a parliamentary Lobby and rally in London.

A bye-line of the film isWhen it comes to climate change, why do we do so little when we know so much?’

It’s easy to lose the impetus we had back in January when we showed The Age of Stupid. I meet  a lot of people who have no sense of the urgency of the situation and quite a few people who feel there is no point in trying to do anything.

I find myself having this sort of conversation :

  • Is there any point?

If we care about the world we will leave our children and grandchildren, we must act.

  • But mass action sometimes achieves nothing. What about the anti-Iraq War demo?

True – but there are many examples of effectiveness.

  • Mass movements tend to be simplistic…

True but you have to start somewhere. Time is very short to make a difference, but some real momentum is building through the ‘Keep it in the Ground’ Campaign championed by the Guardian, and at the end of this year there will be a vital meeting in Paris.

Please add your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Is there any point? Please add your thoughts below….”

  1. Thank you Dave for the Taiwan travel warning (and you may know the Kithil proposal re sea temperature). ‘That do you?’ seems to suggest pleasure at a dreadful future (apocalyptic, as some herald) but surely not. Mostly we aren’t aware of slower disasters – though perhaps if California simply became uninhabitable by drought that might just do enough (and be deathless for humans)?
    We are by no means rational and impartial judges especially of wholly unfamiliar risks, and so must urge ourselves to achieve action despite our inertia and the vigorous opposition of privileged fools. The carrot of a better world is a far preferable motivation but a sense of danger may be needed.
    The group’s meeting yesterday (5/8) went splendidly with many people sparking in many directions. If we could just stop carbon burning within a generation will all be well? It is worse than that.
    But it is not beyond the possibilities of effective response. And humans can do remarkably well!
    (Tell me if that won’t do.)

  2. “perhaps we need an unmistakable disaster.”
    Right this instant, Typhoon Soudelor is steaming across the Pacific towards Taiwan. 125mph sustained winds, gusts in excess of 150, 45ft waves, predicted 12-20 inches of rain on Taiwan.
    People will die.
    Typhoons build when the sea surface temperature is above 25 decrees C: Soudelor IS the product of global warming and it’s predicted to strike tomorrow. That do you?

    (just google ‘soudelor’ for stacks more info)

  3. At the simplest, people are not sufficiently alarmed. For most of us the dangers are not immediately experienced (irreversibility is not now), and science is regarded as difficult, someone else’s business. Influential developed countries (exploitive, consumerist) tend to be temperate so ‘warm’ is good. Perhaps we need an unmistakable disaster to spur the action so urgently needed.

    1. I can’t help but respond emotionally thinking that’s an almost unbearable thought. Hopefully people can wake up to the situation without something so painful. Daphne

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