Green Great Britain 2030

On 25th July at the WOMAD festival Ecotricity hosted a debate, chaired by Jon Snow, on a vision of a Green Great Britain in 2030.


The speakers were Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, Safia Minney, founder of Fair Trade and People Tree and Mark Shayler (DoLectures ) and environmental crusader.

Dale saw 100% renewable energy, pointing out that over the past year the UK has averaged 20%, overtaking nuclear, at 15% for the first time. He described it as a great success story.

All cars will be electric, which will not only be sustainable, but result in cleaner air.

We will no longer eat meat or dairy produce.


Safia believed that when buying new clothes, they would be ethical, organic and sustainable. People would demand this information from multinationals and it would become standard.

With a world population of 7 billion most resources would be scarce, with the exception of people’s hands, which would be used to produce our clothes, give people livelihoods and provide a political power base in villages. The Fair Trade movement had worked up from the grass roots and particularly empowered women.


Mark described how we would have new business models. The sharing economy would grow massively. We would lease rather than buy.

He called for intelligent taxation, which would reflect the environmental cost of goods and services.

Power is shifting from corporations to individuals. We can influence manufacturers.

We need to have less and make it last longer.


There is an economic case for going green.

The subsidy on fossil fuels per household is £1000, whereas for renewables it is £10.

Unilever is becoming completely sustainable, while doubling their economic value.

Green stuff provides jobs, healthy air and is sustainable. It is good for the economy and we’d all be better off.

We need the right growth to provide for our growing population, stop burning £80 billion a year on fossil fuels and become more efficient.


Green technology is the next industrial revolution.

It will release our creativity, and be both exciting and liberating.

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