MP attends 2nd showing of Disruption

Good turn out and discussion

The film talks about the effect that the mass movements and big demonstrations have had in the past. There is some footage of the first World Earth Day in 1970 and the rather extraordinary raft of legislation that followed it in the States, including the Clean Air Act. I was interested in reading this morning that it is that very act that is enabling Obama to bring in new regulations to reduce US carbon emissions :

Obama’s plans boost for Paris conference             

Climate News Network (a really well informed site)

Part of our press release:

Henry Bellingham attended the second local screening of the climate change documentary Disruption on Wednesday evening in Thoresby College Great Hall along with over thirty very concerned constituents. Mr Bellingham who found the film ‘depressing and powerful,’ commented that part of its message was the ability of local groups to make a real impact. Animated discussion followed the film, focussing on the need to move from fossil fuels to renewables and the shortness of the window of opportunity to make a real difference. People urged Mr Belling to support new measures such as the inclusion of mandatory solar panels on all new builds.

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