What can I do?

2000px-Check_sheet_svgClimate Change. What can I personally do?


What? Eat less meat. Why? Roughly 18% of greenhouse gases are caused by livestock farming.

What? Drive less and walk or cycle whenever possible instead. Why? It improves your health, saves you money, reduces stress and makes you more alert.

What? Only fill up the kettle with the water you need. Why? Over 30 million litres of water are boiled in the UK every day only to go cold again.

What? Turn off computers, lights, televisions and any other appliances at night. Why? Leaving appliances on standby wastes up to 40% of the energy used.

What? Buy fresh local produce when in season. Why? It reduces food miles and the need for heating greenhouses.

What? Take a shower instead of a bath Why?  A shower takes up to 4 times less energy than a bath.

What? Buy less stuff. Why? You save money, reduce your carbon footprint and produce less waste.

What? Change your energy supplier. Why? You support the development of renewable energy.

What? Use recycled paper products. Why? Recycled paper takes 70% less energy to produce and saves trees.

What? Promote positive change. How? Join a group, share ideas, use your vote, lobby, campaign, protest ……….


List posted by Sally and Rob Tily

One thought on “What can I do?”

  1. Please do join with us – see details of next meeting, Thursday 3rd September under ‘EVENTS’.
    Also a key date Sunday 29th November a demonstration in London to tell world leaders meeting in Paris that people are starting to wake up and care passionately that we don’t sleepwalk into a climate change disaster. In the first two week 250,000 people have registered that they are going to be there. Register: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/paris_save_the_date_j/?bLCvdab&v=62566 and spread the word by word of mouth and social media.

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