Young green Britain chat

Your ideas, please, on extending the chat to other young people we know.  It looks as if media students at COWA will be making short films on the subject this autumn….


WOMAD 26th July

Chaired by Jon Snow

The panel was chosen from Ecotricity’s competition to find, “ Young Green Britains of the year.”

The generation that will have to live with the consequences of how we’ve handled the planet so far

1. Energy

Megan Hanson 15 expressed concern over air pollution and the long term effects of nuclear power. She felt we needed to talk about this everywhere, so that everyone understands how it affects us all. The environment is “the only one we’ve got.”

2. Transport

Nerys Pickup 15 spoke of the need to start educating people about the benefits of electric vehicles. Cities and bus services need to be converted to clean energy.

Ecotricity is developing a countrywide system of recharging units, starting with motorway service stations.

3. Food

Noella Usbourne 15 described our biggest problem was not stupidity but ignorance. People didn’t know the background story behind our food.

She felt there were 3 problems:

1 Over fishing, which is destroying ecosystems

2 Intensive farming, which causes irreversible damage to our soil, chemicals leaching into our rivers and streams and damage to our bee population. A third of our food would be unavailable without bees.

3 Inefficient and rabid consumerism. Meat uses up so many resources.

4. Wildlife

Findlay Wilde 13 described how we had lost 50% of our wildlife in the last 40 years from pesticides, litter, and house building.

We take everything from nature.

What do we give back?

Our planet is slowly dying.

Politicians look 5 years ahead, not 50.

We need to think 500years ahead

We need nationalised power. It is too important

We need to protest

We need to start with ourselves. What can we do. If you want a change, you start with yourself, with those around you, with your morals

The oil companies reckon that fossil fuel will run out in 50 years. Our present level of energy that goes into food production will be impossible. There will be a major crisis with food and water.

We need to understand the environmental cost of everything we eat

We need to move to the concept of not owning cars. In Paris there are 1000s of electric cars to hire

We need to think of different ways we can live our life.


Report by Sally Tily.

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