Supergreen home – visit 12/9 plus SAVE THE DATE 29th November!

Sunday 29th November People’s Climate March in London prior to the Paris talks.     Are our leaders going to get a sense that people really care?    Save the date!

Supergreen home visit 12th September

Stella and Tony Richardson are are once again opening their home to the public, this time on Saturday 12th September.   There will be a tour at 3pm they’re also happy to do one in the supergreen homemorning, if there is a demand) when we will be talking about and explaining our photo-voltaic panels (electricity from light), solar hot water (hot water from the sun) and rain-water harvesting systems.     Tony has got print-outs showing all the statistics  –  the amount our PV system has generated over the years, hours of electricity generated, KwH etc etc, cash payback from the Feed-In Tariffs;  and they can tell you all about the sytems as we look at them. 

Since the government is on the point of reducing the Feed-In Tariff support for PV systems to almost nothing (Boo, hiss), now would be a good time to have panels installed, before the cut-off date.    Financially, we’ve done very well from our system, because we had our panels installed when the FIT was first introduced, on generous terms;  since then the government has been cutting further and further back, so now, if you have PV installed it’ll cut your electricity consumption and give you the satisfaction of helping the planet – but unless you’re quick you won’t get any cashback.



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