Last few days of COP21 Paris KLimate Concern go to London Date of next meeting Jan 5th

18 local people joined the People’s Climate March in London carrying the King’s Lynn Cares banner*. Encouraging to see so many young people in the London march.

*It got into the Lynn News which helps raise the profile of the issue.  I am off to Paris tomorrow morning.

News from Paris has been quite up and down.  An email today from the 350 organisation was more in the down direction, but encouraging people to send messages to Liz Truss: 

 Tell your negotiators to commit to a goal of a global energy transition by 2050.

The critical fight of the Paris climate talks will be in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Things here got off to a remarkable start, as many world governments aligned around a very ambitious target of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, thanks to the bold demands of leaders on the front lines of the crisis.

But now that optimism is starting to fade as ministers back off from making the hard commitments it will take to get there.

Keeping these new promises requires setting a date by which we will stop digging up and burning coal, oil and gas which cause climate change — but after over two decades of procrastination, world governments are considering waiting another lifetime for action.

The draft text circulating now in Paris proposes a global energy transition ‘over the course of the century’, which is too far-off, and too vague to send a strong signal. We need to transition off fossil fuels by 2050 — at the very latest. That will only happen if countries sign an ambitious deal now, and commit to reviewing their currently-inadequate national pledges for action on a regular basis.

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