Into 2016 with more hope! Next meeting Feb 9th

KLimate Concern was represented (by a good sized group) in London at the start of the COP21 Paris Talks and also in Paris.IMAG0073IMAG0065 A positive outcome despite much much more needing to be done.

Minutes of meeting below.

KLimate Concern Meeting   05/01/2016

Paris Talks and the London March

We got a photo of the Kings Lynn Cares banner into the Free Paper!  DS fed back: lots of young people in Paris, organising under pressure (demonstrations were banned in Paris after the terrorist attacks), lots of imaginative, brave and non-violent actions.

The London march was well attended by the West Norfolk contingent.

Next campaigns?

Climate Coalition’s Green Valentine campaign (empty shop in Vancouver Centre – contact Abbie Panks) – youth groups, cubs/beavers – Gaywood library – now confirmed 13th February 10am -12 noon workshop – very positive – Sally to gather materials – others to contact various churches.

Break Free from Fossil Fuels – 350 degrees organisation – round table discussion about the May actions. Lots of ideas discussed.

BP or not BP – London based campaign that aims to end fossil fuel sponsorship of the arts – Bernie likes them.

Earth hour in March – contacting the council getting them to turn off the lights and replacing them with lanterns.  Jan to register us.

What next for this group?

Discussion ensued – we stay as a single issue group allying ourselves to other groups / political parties  (not UKIP) / NGOs (Greenpeace, FoE etc.).

Discussion about how we set ourselves up – data protection for people’s email  addresses – constitution etc?   Collate email addresses and send people a message saying where we are at and what we are doing next.

Work with local Council– Brian Long had hoped to get to meeting to talk about us playing a part in the recycling campaign he is heading. He didn’t make it but Rob Raab to invite next time.

Work with Westminster

Daphne writing to Henry Bellingham and Liz Truss inviting them to discuss how they see us moving on from paris and inviting them to watch the short Zero Carbon Bristian film. Letter sent. )

Pattern of meetings.

To meet once a month. Vary day – as Tuesday doesn’;t work for everyone. Next meeting 7.30pm Friends Meeting House Tuesday February 9th. (In barn at the back as Buddhists using meeting room- memo to come and go quietly. )

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