From Earth Hour solidarity to Earth Day April 22nd plus 23rd

Some people celebrated Earth Hour at home but 15 of us gathered together in the Saturday Market Place and at the Friends Meeting House on Saturday 19th. We got some good press coverage. WWF claim that most people who take part are then motivated to do more to protect the planet.

Our next big focus is Earth Day. Earth-Day-Logo-2015 The UN are inviting governments to sign the Paris agreement that day.  However, this year’s theme is ‘Trees for the Earth- Let’s get planting.’ Locally we are having a picnic on the day, Friday April 22nd on the young plantation (see map) where John and Pam Loveless planted over 800 trees 4 years ago   – and, on the Saturday 23rd, a special event in a special venue- 6-8pm in St Nicholas Chapel with displays from conservation groups, possibly short talks, food and a bar.

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