Fracking and Barclays

downloadThis week, October 24-29, people from all across the UK will be taking action against Barclays Bank over their financial support for fracking and for their investments in other destructive fossil fuel projects around the world.

Barclays owns a 97% controlling stake in Third Energy, the fracking company granted permission to start test drilling for shale gas in Ryedale.

This is the first time that a major high street bank has directly invested in fracking in the UK and is happening as scientists tell us we need to leave 80% of fossil fuel reserves in the ground to stop catastrophic climate change. If enough of us take part this October – by talking or writing to the bank managers, sharing our message on social media, closing bank accounts or taking action at Barclays branches – we can pressure Barclays to stop funding fracking. KLimate Concern aren’t organising an event as such, as our autumn programme has been very full but there is an event outside Barclays in Cambridge on Saturday 29th at 11am. Think about joining in that! Further details through the link below.

Pressure from customers will convince Barclays that fracking isn’t worth it and whether or not you bank with Barclays, you could tell them you’re unhappy that they are funding fracking in the UK.

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