A historic day? a post from 350.org

Yesterday the Paris Agreement, a global climate deal signed by 196 countries, came into force. This is a historic moment fought for by hundreds of thousands of people on every continent.

The problem is that too many governments are still taking actions that contradict the words set down in the agreement. The new math* on climate change shows that every new fossil fuel project — every coal mine, every gas well, every oil pipeline — violates the goals laid out in Paris.

That’s why we’ve begun a global call to halt new fossil fuel development ahead of the next UN climate meeting in Morocco. The meeting starts next week — help send the message that real climate action requires halting new fossil fuel projects now and building a just transition that makes 100% renewable energy accessible to all.

The Paris agreement promises to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, and aim for 1.5 degrees. If you add up the carbon pollution contained in existing oil wells, gas fields and coal mines, it’s enough to burn through those targets — and then some.

We’re in a hole, and the first step to getting out of it is to stop digging. Building any new fossil fuel project poses a danger to the lives of people put at risk due to climate change, and jeopardizes the Paris climate agreement.

When the Paris deal was signed, tens of thousands of people were in the streets, pledging to defend the red lines of climate safety. We’ve kept our word since then — it’s time that governments did the same.

Today the deal comes into force. Governments should show they’re serious by stopping all new fossil fuel projects, across the board — and then begin the transition to 100% renewable energy we deserve.


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