Food for thought and delicious nosh!

Our vegan and vegetarian lunch followed by the talk from Joyce d’Silva proved both enjoyable and informative.  The food was delicious – thank you to everyone!

25-vegetarian-vegan-lunch-6-nov-2016At the same time we learnt some sobering things – both about how animals are kept, especially in the really big zero grazing type farms and about the role of livestock farming in producing greenhouse gases, slightly more than all transport combined. For me, one sobering fact was the predicted growth in livestock and dairy farming worldwide, both predicted by the FAO to double between 2000 and 2050.

27-vegetarian-vegan-lunch-6-nov-2016If enough of us cut back on meat and dairy, not necessarily cutting it out, we can make a real difference. Without dietary change the Paris climate targets are beyond our reach.

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