A real palm oil victory!

Greenpeace writes:

We did it. HSBC have just announced that they’ll stop funding palm oil companies that destroy the rainforest. 

Burning the rainforest to make space for palm oil plantations in Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia  is not only disastrous for wildlife but has a staggering carbon footprint.

We should feel pretty powerful today  (whether you signed the petition, donated, or badgered them online, you made this happen)- and it’s not everyday you topple a bank! -that’s why it’s probably not the time to rest on our laurels. HSBC isn’t the only bank that’s been putting orangutan habitat at risk. If right now, we make HSBC’s decision as public as possible, we can show just how easy – and what good PR – it would be for other banks to do the same.

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