Should we be worried about sea level rise living round here?

Alex Kirby, former BBC journalist and environment correspondent will engage with Brian Long of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council (environment portfolio holder before he became leader of the council) on climate change issues in terms of our local response.

This discussion will have two aspects:

  • our response to the effects of climate change, especially projected sea level rise and more extreme weather events, asking whether we are tending to work with over optimistic estimates
  • our local response to the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint in areas such as transport, recycling and use of renewable energy.

One thought on “Should we be worried about sea level rise living round here?”

  1. Our watery problems here are ironic in a semi-arid zone (solution: canals, multiple use).
    The R. Gt. Ouse has a huge catchment area (over 8000 able to contribute flooding by extreme rainfall upstream.
    Partly because the N. Sea shallows and narrows hereabouts, sea flooding is likely from any significant combination of factors – high river, high tide, atmospheric depression, on-shore N/E wind (far better to calculate risk on this basis than rely on irrelevant history – note the recent near miss).
    The region is low lying (exceptionally so for UK) and any major incursion could be disastrous. A sea level rise of 2 m. (likely over 100 years) would drown a great area (perhaps around 3000 of towns, farmland, wildlife. The extended perimeter would then make defence impossible. (Solution: a Wash barrage – long discussed, providing renewable tidal energy to pay for itself.)

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