ABOUT US – KLimate Concern King’s Lynn Climate Concern group

Our aim — to raise awareness about the urgency for action on climate change both locally and nationally.

All are welcome to come to meetings and discuss the issues there or on this blog.

Views expressed in this website and blog do not necessarily represent those of the group as a whole.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT US – KLimate Concern King’s Lynn Climate Concern group”

  1. We are hosting a Meeting for members on Thursday 28th November in Kings Lynn

    We wondered if you, or one of your associates, would like to come and speak to members about the Kings Lynn climate action work you have been involved in

    The National Education Union have many members interested in this and we can encourage them to attend and support your local work

    I look forward to hearing from you

  2. About bloody time, the senseless greed and selfishness of builders and industry of the area and country as a whole has to be addressed, and held to account. Denial and blind eye behaviour must be pointed out and opinion changed, present the facts to the public, point out the culprits and end the rot while we can. This will be a thankless task as the majority don’t want to know or get involved, but I don’t want to apologize to my children and grandchildren for doing nothing when its to late rather than trying at least to do and say something and turn the tide, My parents have said its probably to late but choose to do nothing to help because they don’t want to spend their money, so based on that I would say its the older generation who need to act and change their ways first, then the lazy wanna be house wife’s who haven’t got time or can’t be bothered riding round in Chelsea tractors to school, gym, hairdresser, mcdonald’s, ect. their is no point in worrying about your money, finances and looking good when the planet is dead and there’s nothing left to spend it on. Its not somebody else’s job or responsibility, We all must pay and play our part one way or another better now than not at all, if it is a massive hoax then all we have lost is money, not our lives or children’s lives or our grand children’s lives never mind then world we live in and all the creatures we depend on to survive. And without them we will not survive, And to anyone who says they don’t believe in climate change, I say hope your family’s and children are forgiving to you for not doing anything, denial of the facts, making things worse just so you can do what you want at everybody else’s expense, just be prepared to pay one way or another because we will be, very soon.

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